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Thank you for visiting WeReads!  WeReads is a monthly subscription box of curated children's storybooks to own and love.

The WeReads Story

Hello!  My name is Christine Mountain and I’m the founder of WeReads.  I love reading bedtime stories with my kids!  I love the together time, the snuggles, and the giggles we share when reading.   Storytime is our family’s special treat at the end of the each day.  It’s something we look forward to and rarely skip.

However, we would often get in a rut reading the same favorite story over and over (and over and over and over) again.  Even though we loved (and still do love) those books, we needed an easy and more frequent way to find new favorites and mix up our storytime selections.  With such a plethora of books and book recommendation lists available, finding new books was frustrating.  As a busy parent, I really just wanted someone to hand me a book and say “Here’s a good one!  Enjoy!”  This is where WeReads comes in.  It solves this problem!    

The WeReads Mission

The WeReads mission is to make storytime fun and easy for both kids and grownups.  WeReads strives to deliver better bedtime stories with a box of fantastic children’s books.  It's our way to say, “Here’s a good one!  Enjoy!”  

How WeReads Achieves Its Mission

1. Provide A Fantastic Book Selection

WeReads has reviewed 1,000 children’s books in order to provide the best selections.  We have read many of the following with kiddos and grown ups in mind.

  • - Caldecott Medal Winners and Honors
  • - Theodor Seuss Geisel Award Winners and Honors
  • - Golden Kite Winners and Honors
  • - Association for Library Service to Children’s Notable books
  • - New York Times Best Sellers
  • - Classic Best Selling Books with the distinction of having over 1 million copies sold
  • - Hand selected staff favorites

2. Tailor Selections To Audience Age

Every book reviewed is read by WeReads with your child’s age in mind.  Books are also selected based on the publisher’s age recommendations.  Additionally, WeReads breaks down box categories by age.  For example, if you order a Big Kid Box for a 3 year old, the book selection will differ from a Big Kid Box for a 5 year old.  The books selected for 3 year olds would be shorter than books for 5 year olds.  The topics would also differ.  A 3 year old book selection would include a book about going to bed while a 5 year old book would be about going to school.  All books are fun for grown ups of course! 

3. Variety

WeReads offers a wide variety of stories from classics to recent releases, heartwarming to hilarious, and trucks to tea parties.  Our goal is to also deliver a mix of topics, sentiments, seasons, authors and book series.  However, we have to admit that there are some authors that have just so many amazing, award winning books that it just feels wrong to not include multiples selections of their work.  In these instances, we will spread out when these books are offered.  

4. Make Storytime Easy

WeReads does all the reading, filtering, and shopping of new books for you!  Boxes are automatically shipped monthly so that adding a variety of new, fun, fantastic books to your child’s library is easy.  All you have to do is enjoy storytime with your kiddo. 

5. Offer Flexible Subscription Options

WeReads wants to make having a subscription something fun and easy.  We therefore offer the following

  • - The ability to purchase a subscription for your own kiddo or to give one as a gift
  • - Sibling box options for families wanting one box for two kiddos of different ages
  • - Alternative book selections if you already own the initial book set
  • - The ability to put your subscription on hold before it renews

Add more variety to your child’s library.  Stop shopping around for the next book.  Stop feeling overwhelmed with all the alphabetically organized choices at the library.  We’ve got your bedtime stories covered.  Easy!  

Let WeReads deliver better bedtime stories for you and your family to enjoy today!